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Learning Journey: Food Tourism in Iceland’s Seafood Sector
1 – 5 March 2020


KDA was invited to create and manage a learning journey to Iceland on behalf of Seafood Scotland.

As an example of what KDA can provide for your projects, our services included:

  • Researching relevant businesses and people to meet in Iceland

  • Developing an itinerary

  • Developing and producing a draft invitation and application to recruit participants

  • Producing and maintaining the project budget: providing supplier quotes, arranging logistics and bookings with suppliers.

  • Assisting in the recruitment process

  • Communications and reporting to Seafood Scotland as required

  • Accompanying the participants on the learning journey to Iceland

  • Providing support to participants on site

  • Managing on-site arrangements within Iceland and liaising with suppliers

  • Assisting with post visit activity/communications.

A copy of the final programme can be viewed below.

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